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Re: Does Yahoo read javascript?

__/ [ Gymdandy@xxxxxxxxx ] on Wednesday 02 August 2006 22:27 \__

> I have another website and on the first page which is just an entry page
> it is written with Javascript
> It has a gif and an entry link and at the top in the title bar written
> with javascript it the title comes out as W E L C O M E (and so forth).
> It comes out one letter at a time with 2 second delay between letters
> I noticed when I look on Google the site comes up but all that Google
> lists is the alt text that reads "enter log jpg"
> On MSN it reads "W"
> On Yahoo the entire title bar saying Welcome to XXXXX.Com is listed.
> Seems to me Yahoo is able to read the javascript while MSN reads the
> first letter only while Google ignores it completely
> Anyone else notice this. I know you don't use javascript in sites for
> search engines but this is just for fun, and I was wondering

There was some old evidence to suggest that search engines were beginning to
interpret text by running it with a Mozilla/Gecko-type engine rather than
just 'lynxing' it. Some argued that pages were properly even rendered and
some smart indexing and interpretation of images, as well as indexing of
PDF's and various proprietary objects. This seems to suggest that what you
say is definitely a possibility.

If I look at my main site's summary in Google I just see the description meta
in the snippet. In Yahoo, I see parts of the JavaScript-style form although
it resides in the body, not the JS functions ("schestowitz.com - Web Log,
Genealogy and Personal Pages ... Other sites from schestowitz.com. ···
Select site ··· Othello Master Computer Vision MARS Iuron Daniel Sorogon

The last line is part of a selection form, which I suspect is followed by
Google as well, but does not form part of the site's description in the

In summary, Google seems to be generous in the sense that it let's you
control your site's description. Yahoo expands it (although sometimes less
is more) and pulls some text from a form that is bound to JS.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz  
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