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Re: Google + MySpace = Nail in the Microsoft Search Coffin?

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ [ John Bokma ] on Wednesday 09 August 2006 20:17 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I don't want to rave too much (it already feels strange as it is),
>>> but Godin's publisher (that's the guy who told Google to give Joel
>>> the appliance) recently contacted. She offered a free book
>>> (preprint) of Godin's next publication.
>> Cool. I am hoping that those things will start to happen soon with my
>> site as well. So far I only got contacted by a cleaning machine
>> company (I guess he just wanted a link) [1] :-)
> Such an opportunity is still a rarity and, in fact, my Digg status was
> the sole reason.

That's awesome. Ages ago I was asked via via to review an outline for a 
book, and was hoping to get more work like that. I got 2 books in return 
(I prefered it over money) :-D. OTOH, I now and then help people with Perl 
related homework in exchange of a book. Like that more.

>> Been to Guatemala :-) And I have a load of backlog (ha ha). Today I
>> try to make a planning for adding the missing entries, and finishing
>> the half finished ones :-)
> Looking forward to it!

Thanks. I try to get started tomorrow.

>> [1] http://www.google.com/search?q=cleaning%20the%20roof
> *LOL*
> I guess 'xalapa sex' (or whatever that was) could make you thrive as a
> pimp. *smile*

Or just a tour guide. To be honest we recently discovered a genuine sex 
shop in Xalapa which had a nice punch line (roughly translated): A taste 
of the Netherlands.

I am Dutch, and somewhat respected here because of my size (ha ha, I mean 
186 cm [1], which somehow is used to estimate other things) so it was to 
both of us very funny (It was also the first time I actually entered a sex 

Anyway, xalapa sex is #8 and mexican sperm #5 :-D.

[1] Which regularly is a major PITA, I have to be careful not to hit my 
head, and sitting in most buses is a challenge (as is standing, for the 
former reason).


Google Suggest Perl script http://johnbokma.com/perl/google-suggest.html

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