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Re: MSN.com doesn't work with Firefox?

On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 07:20:36 +0100, "[H]omer" <spam@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Aunty Diluvian wrote:
>>>> On Tuesday 08 August 2006 00:58 [H]omer wrote:
>>>>> Just MS trying to be clever.
>>>>> "if (firefox)
>>>>> {
>>>>> var s = document.createElement("script");
>>>>> document.getElementById("AtlasCompat").appendChild(s);
>>>>> }"
>> Not too different from the "getfirefox"
>A promotional catchphrase.
>> or "killinternetexplorer"
>A joke website IIRC.

The joke here is you, idiot.

>> open source bullshit that's been around for a long while.
>Here we go ... another Windows Lemming Lunatic who equates Open Source
>with "bullshit", instead of Freedom.

Whether it's a Windows Lemming or a Linux Penguin, open source is
garbage. Non-commercial grade software (shareware/freeware).  
Not very good but it's free.

>> It's OK for the firefox idiots to do it
>LOL! That like you saying "Oh it's OK for you to abide by the law, but
>as soon as *I* break the law I get caught ... no fair ... boo
>hoo". Are you retarded? Mozilla devs *follow* W3C standards, but
>Microsoft breaks them, and *that* makes Mozilla the "guilty" party???

You are a lying son-of-a-bitch. The devs (sic) at Mozilla follow
nothing. They have never guaranteed that they will strictly
adhere to W3C standards.  Their statement was that they will
endeavor to follow W3C standards whenever possible.
Meaning that maybe they will and maybe they won't but
they will decide and not you.
Their is no law regarding web standards you lying idiot.
Only advisories and guidelines. IE doesn't have a problem
rendering these web pages.  It's you and your POS Firefox
that's having a problem. Furthermore, if IE "compliant"
html is coded to render better in a decent browser, ie: IE,
then maybe you open source whiners should try to be
more like IE and less like some third world dictator
demanding attention or he'll destroy the western world.

>There's a world of difference between IE failing to work on a
>standards compliant Website, and Firefox not working on a Website that
>has been deliberately booby-trapped to break it. Of course if MS
>concentrated more on industry standards, and less on its paranoid
>infatuation with alienating the competition, then maybe they wouldn't
>be so inclined to break websites ... deliberately or otherwise.
>That's what *standards* are for, and why they are set and ratified by
>*independent* bodies, rather than commercial interests.

MS makes their web sites to render well in a decent browser with
alternate code for the less fortunate users that insist on using
"FREE" crap that may or may not work.  They can't be bothered
by those that won't play by THEIR rules on THEIR web site.
This begs the question, why are you, or any other open source
thief, visiting an MS site anyway?  Are you trying to get something
for free or trying to steal something.  MS has nothing for you guys.
Go visit the open source web sites for your alternate software.

>The examples you cite above are little more than promotional material,
>unlike MSN which is a major portal that, I assumed, was run seriously
>by professionals ... however it seems to have been overrun by kiddies.

Promotional material my ass. Web sites ran by, supported by and
advertised by the Mozilla Foundation. Even to the extent that they
ran a full page ad in a major magazine trying to get the world to
use their trash as opposed to MS commercial grade software.
This was no joke you liar. This was a malicious attempt, not
only to discredit MS but to do damage to any non-Mozilla
browser that visited the site.

>> but when they get it in return it's always the same story.  "Cry
>> foul", "MS bastards", ".....non-compliancy...."
>Non-compliance is about the only thing MS is any good at. Call a Spade
>a Spade, I say.

It is the open source community that is non-compliant.
MS centric sites render well in IE and have for many years.
It is the other, "less ordinary" browsers that are having a problem.
What is non-compliant about making a site that renders best
for "MY" customers" That's their business ethic.  Taking care
of their own customers. Mozilla would do well to either get
with the program and fix their browser or find another line
of business.  Selling shoes, maybe.

>> waaaah, waaaah, waaaah.
>Just because you've been exposed as a fuckwit, there's no need to cry
>about it.
>Now off you go and live in my killfile, like a good little WinTroll.

Likewise, you wise-ass little prick. 
And go back to using your real name, Peter Krollmann.

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