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Re: An open letter to Roy Schestowitz

Rex Ballard wrote:
> Nedd Ludd wrote:
> > Roy... dude,
> Roy, you must be doing a great job of really irritating Microsoft.
> When they start going after your personal life, it's because they feel
> that
> you are doing too much damage, and you have to be discredited somehow.

"Paranoia, Paranoia, everyone is coming to get me"

> > I'm worried for you.  It looks like you spent about 12 hours, from 11:00
> > last night to about 11:00 this morning, posting links to articles about
> > linux and open source software.
> Most of Roy's posts are simply google search results, referenced to
> Links, coupled with some "highlight" quotes.  It's not hard to do this.
>  I've done it a few times.  It takes about 3 minutes.
> >  I counted about 60 posts in that time.
> That's about 2 hours worth of work out of 12 hours.
> >  A quick browse back shows that this how you spend an average day.
> > Dude, you need a life.
> Looks to me like he has a life.  He spends 1-3 minutes putting together
> a quick post, and lets the world react.  It fuels some interesting
> conversations and debates, and points out some of the good things
> happening in Linux and OSS.

A few point out good things happening in Linux. Most reference
Microsoft. None fuel debates or conversation unless he lies in the
subject line. No one replies to Roy's news posts.

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