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Re: An open letter to Roy Schestowitz

Nedd Ludd wrote:
> Roy... dude,
Roy, you must be doing a great job of really irritating Microsoft.
When they start going after your personal life, it's because they feel
you are doing too much damage, and you have to be discredited somehow.

> I'm worried for you.  It looks like you spent about 12 hours, from 11:00
> last night to about 11:00 this morning, posting links to articles about
> linux and open source software.

Most of Roy's posts are simply google search results, referenced to
Links, coupled with some "highlight" quotes.  It's not hard to do this.
 I've done it a few times.  It takes about 3 minutes.

>  I counted about 60 posts in that time.

That's about 2 hours worth of work out of 12 hours.

>  A quick browse back shows that this how you spend an average day.

> Dude, you need a life.

Looks to me like he has a life.  He spends 1-3 minutes putting together
a quick post, and lets the world react.  It fuels some interesting
conversations and debates, and points out some of the good things
happening in Linux and OSS.

> Have you ever seen a girl?  Girls look like this
> fantasy picture deleted.

Actually, most women don't look like that.  They are often much
heavier, or have smaller breasts, and rarely have airbrushed skin.  In
fact, the picture itself is a carefully orchestrated picture preceeded
by hours of make-up, careful wardrobe selections, and some dance tricks
used to make the model look even thinner and bigger breasted than she
really is - for 3-5 seconds.

Come to New York and hang around 7th avenue at about 4-7 PM near one of
the rail stations.  Most models don't dress "sexy".  In fact, you'd
probably get a better "show" on Wall Street, where women wearing "power
suits" generally do wear heels and shorter skirts.  Usually because
they are conducting multimillion dollar deals, and a short skirt tends
to lower prospect resistance.  One female executive used to mentor
women, and suggested that a "power skirt suit" worn at strategic times
could improve the deal by as much as 20%.

> Kinda cool eh?  Here's a pretty good web site if you want to learn more
> about how girls look

You are demonstrating that you are little more than an immature
adolescent who is still subscribing to thy myth that carefully posed
and airbrushed pictures of surgically altered women (some of whom may
have once been men), is what "women look like".

This would suggest that it is you who have no idea what it is to be in
a relationship with a real woman.  To deal with the good times, the bad
times, the mood swings, and everything else that comes with maintaining
an emotionally intimate relationship for years.

Perhaps it's time for you to throw away your porno rags long enough to
find out what real women look like, how to interact with them, and how
to have a real relationship that goes beyond an hour or two of

> If you go outside once in a while you can see and talk to real live girls.
> You have to be nice before girls take their clothes off.  Don't touch a
> girl's boobies until she let you.

Given your tasteless posting, my guess is that your "girls" want their
money up front.

> My point is Roy is that there is more to life than just Linux.

Of course there is.  And Roy probably knows this.  I'm married (for the
second time).  I was married for 10 years, then dated the same woman
exclusively for 15 years, and then married my second wife after dating
her for 2 years.

> Take up a hobby or go out side.

You presume that he has no other hobbies, no outside life.  Yet we have
just figured out that he spends about 2 hours/day posting to usenet.
This includes finding the articles, putting together a quick link, and
copy/pasting a quick summary and posting it.  My guess is that he gets
the same e-mail flashes I get.  About 4-7 per hour.

I like to respond to Roy's postings.  In my case, I use a dvorak
keyboard and type at about 60 wpm, and type almost that fast when I'm
composing.  Usually, a posting takes about 15 minutes, and that's for
the long ones.  If it's a really long posting, I'll put the post in the
background, and add a bit at a time during breaks.

> You're in pretty bad shape so I'd even recommend you
> take a little time away from scrounging the web for Linux articles

To do something really important?
  Like ceate a great work of art?
  Like perform Handel's Messiah a nearby church?
  Like shoot a good round of golf?
  Like sale a boat for a few hours?
  Like write a great novel?
  Like take a course?
  Like watch some PBS programs?   Or Discovery Channel?
Those are some of the things I do with my time.

> to masturbate.
Well, we know what's really important to YOU!
I'm sure that this is filling everyone with great respect for your
superior goals in life.

>  It'll be a health change of pace.

You might want to consider a creative writing class, and possibly
reviewing the usenet ettiquette documentation.

> Best wishes,
> Nedd

You can't even lie in a salutation.
What you have said, in effect, is "go away and stop hurting my beloved
Be honest, you want us penguinistas to jerk off and die.

I'm sure we will be seeing more of you in one or more of your aliases.
And I'm sure that you will continue to be as offensive as you were in
this post.


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