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Re: [PING Fedora Gurus] How much space needed for Red Hat Linux?

__/ [a2z] on Saturday 11 February 2006 10:19 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" wrote:
>> Red Hat was about 3 CD's and should occupy around 2 GB, I suspect, by
>> default. Make sure you axe a few packages before you install it and you'll
>> have plenty of room available. There are other, 'smaller Linuxes' in the
>> wild, but they are probably no Red Hat in terms of community and
>> reliability. Vector Linux and Damn Small Linux (?) come to mind.
>> Hope it helps,
>> Roy
> Thanks Roy
> There is only one CD. When I had a brief look last night one of the opening
> screens mentioned Fedora.

Yes, it should be better; more modern, I suspect. I use Fedora (Core 3) on a
cluster of remote machines and it is quite comprehensive and reliable. It
was chosen after careful consideration by the Computer Science staff and was
made the one and only distro over there. My personal vote was SuSE.

Something tells me that Fedora can be described as a rather /large/ KDE-based
distribution, yet I am sure it can be installed in a lightweight fashion. I
am also sure that Red Hat 8 was 3 CD's when I downloaded the ISO's 2-3 years
ago and I suspect Fedora is a similar size. I am not qualified to comment on
Red Hat or Fedora, which is why I modified the subject line and I hope
someone else can join in and assist.

> This is for a university physics student so I
> will go for a full install as I don't know what packages he needs or can do
> without. He doesn't know either. His lecturer told him to partition the
> hard drive using two floppy disks with Partition Magic on them. His main PC
> is running Windows XP so I just managed to stop him wrecking that. So I am
> going to install Linux on an old PC that has a 2Gb drive and Windows 98
> installed, after formatting the drive. Do you think Fedora will fit?

Again, I cannot be sure but I hope someone else can give more definite
answers. Also to consider:


Best wishes,


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