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Re: Konqueror Bookmarks Path (was: Move screen settings)

__/ [Luddite] on Sunday 12 February 2006 20:40 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [Luddite] on Saturday 11 February 2006 03:12 \__
>>> I had a problem with a USB key that I used with Move from a drive
>>> controller failure,can the screen settings like font size,screen
>>> colors and color profiles be transferred by swapping those files to
>>> the new key?   what are the names and directories?
>> Which window manager are you using? If KDE, then .kde (or .kde2) should
>> contain all your settings in meaningful places. If GNOME, then .gnome
>> (and/or .gnome2) should hold your settings. Private settings in
>> .gnome2_private can be neglected.
>> If you intend to pass your settings to another computer, be sure to only
>> overwrite the directories which hold look-and-feel settings. Also be aware
>> that different versions of KDE/GNOME might/could lead to inconsistencies.
>> The description of your problem is vague, so if this did not answer your
>> question, elaborate further.
> That helped a lot,the main board failed on the first system I used with
> Move and I wanted the same look and feel on the new hardware environment.
> Konqueror bookmarks is all I need to find now.  I am using the KDE desktop

Have a look at:


You could overwrite the corresponding file in the new computer.

You should be able to export the bookmarks in HTML form.

* Launch Konqueror

* Menu -> Bookmarks

* Edit Bookmarks...

* File -> Export

Good luck,


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