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Re: Vista Welcome Screen to Contain Ads

__/ [B Gruff] on Tuesday 14 February 2006 19:38 \__

> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 03:44 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> "Microsoft's new OS Vista "Welcome Center" screen, seen by all PC users
>> when they start their computers, will display ads. Because that practice
>> has caused complaints, the company is facing trouble from the U.S.
>> Department of Justice as well as states attorneys general who are
>> considering legal action. A report was filed last Wednesday with the judge
>> handling Microsoft's antitrust compliance."
> Refresh my memory....
> ...am I not correct in thinking that when Windows 95 was introduced, it
> included "sign-up" features for ISP accounts with AOL and MSN?  Did these
> not appear as desktop icons?
> Perhaps my memory plays me false....?

I think this depended on your hardware vendor. They pre-installed Windows and
most probably pushed the prices down by signing deals with third-parties and
some ISP's. I still had that with my Compaq Presario, which ran Windows 98
(the hardware could never handle more).


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