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Re: OSS Advocacy Help

__/ [pfhyper] on Friday 17 February 2006 23:18 \__

> I'm part of a group at a University that is preparing an RFP for the
> purchase of an enterprise level content managment system (WCM, ECM,
> CMS). I'm looking for tips and strategies for including open source in
> this process. Like how do you get an RFP out to the OSS world? There's
> got to be some advice or case studies in this area.
> Thanks.
> (Sorry if this is OT but searching in the groups on 'open source
> advocacy' consistently targets this group.)

The  University  usually assumes that anything which is purchased  (notice
the  use of the word "purchased", as opposed to "download" or "licence or-
dering")  for  a cost and is a physical entity. Moreover,  the  University
typically  assumes  that a certain individual (or set of individuals)  are
liable and fully-responsible for the product.

I  don't  think your question, which talks about preparing a  request  for
package,  truly  has a answer. I don't think the same arguments apply.  If
you want to deploy and Open Source CMS, go to the relevant Web site, down-
load,  and  install.  If you need support, you may get some, even  for  no
cost.  Some members of the CMS communities take contracts and do freelanc-
ing-type  support.  If you wish to extend the given package, you can.  You
can sometimes re-release and share it as well.

If  you are talking about a non-free Open Source CMS, the case in question
would  be different. I am not aware of any such vendor though as, in prac-
tice, they are unable to compete with Open Source systems. Commercial ones
likewise, which is why I predict their demise.

By  the  way, several faculties in my university use Open Source  software
including  content  management systems. It is nothing out of the  ordinary
and  there  are  examples that extend beyond this. MSN, Yahoo,  Apple  and
About, for instance, are using WordPress for parts of their sites.

Hope it helps,


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