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Re: Robots.txt Special orders

__/ [gogle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Sunday 19 February 2006 10:35 \__

> Hi,
> First: My english is not good - so i hope you understand my problem...
> i have one Homepage with 2 Domains. The second domain is directed to a
> subdirectory of the first domain.
> e.x.
> Webspace Structur
> - Dir_Alex <= startpoint for Domain 1 called www.alex.de  (example)
> |_ SubDir_Bianca  <= startpoint for Domain 2 called www.bianca.de
> (example)
> If i open the Domain 2 i get see only the www.bianca.de/index.php - and
> not www.alex.de/subdir_bianca/index.php. Thats OK!
> Now the Google Robot has detected my second Domain and if anybody will
> search for it google will display not the Domain2-name (www.bianca.de),
> it shows: www.alex.de/subdir_bianca/index.php
> So my question:
> How can i modify my page or the Robot.txt or something else, that
> google and other spiders/robots  will show the right name of the second
> domain? If anybody search the Homepage of my girlfriend, i won´t that
> everybody see, thats a part of my page (domain 1).
> So anybody can help me?
> thanks a lot
> Alex

I hope I understood your problem correctly. I read it twice, but there are

I will assume that your subdirectory /subdir_bianca/ has not been crawled and
indexed. I will also assume that you want to encourage search engines to
enter to /subdir_bianca/ by changing robots.txt. If that's correct, then you
cannot do it. robots.txt can only be used to prevent search engines from
descending to certain locations, among a few other things. Search engines do
not 'like' to be manoeuvred. If you are interested in Google particularly,
then I suggest you look at:


You can list all pages to be crawled and assign crawling priority/cycle to

Hope it helps,


Word of caution: when replying in Google Groups, please do remember to quote
the message you reply to. http://www.safalra.com/special/googlegroupsreply/

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