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Re: Selling Domain names (UK)

__/ [Pete Thomas] on Sunday 19 February 2006 11:13 \__

> I have several domain names for sale, and I really don't want to do
> business with SEDO as I had a big problem with them.
> I wonder if ebay is a viable route.

Yes, but do not expect many bidders. Your auction will be rather obscure in a
sea of assorted domain names. People who wish to purchase a domain for one
particaulr theme are better off searching whois.net (or equivalent). All in
all, you might spend time setting up to auction and receive nothing in

> These are a few music related domains, e.g.
> nice-music.co.uk
> cool-music.co.uk
> ok-music.co.uk
> saxophone-music.co.uk
> jazz-saxophone.com
> shooby.co.uk
> jazz-saxophone.co.uk
> jazz-saxophone.com
> which I could either sell as a package or one at a time. I don't even
> know if the value of these domains warrants the transfer fee

I am not too sure if any of them is exceptionally valuable. Valuable domains
are often those that are entered by accident, by the curious, or those
domains which are easy to remember (short or catchy).

If I recall correctly, the infamous sex.com was recently sold for 7 million
US dollars.

> I'm worried about ebay as I've never done this before and I don't know
> how complicated it might be to do the transfers.
> Can anyone give me some advice please?

You need to contact the registrar or have the buyer contact his/her registrar
(through the Web host) to verify he/she is the rightful owner. It involves
some ICANN forms with CAPTCHA's... not so simple and there might also be a
3-month delay (freeze) that is involved with the transfer. I can't remember
the actual reason. If you can sell a domain for $100, go for it. eBay is
worth the trust.


[to self] Shooby?!?!

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