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Re: need help for my research

__/ [ Phil Sherrod ] on Monday 20 February 2006 13:47 \__

> On 20-Feb-2006, "sam" <sriram.phd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I am Sriram.R, Iam from India pursuing  PhD in economics. My research
>> involves water resources study in the Rural areas of India. Iam not
>> good at Statistics. I have come to the final stage in my research where
>> I need to prove my researh emprically. Though I have the data I do not
>> know which statistical tool i need to use to prove my research. My
>> research involves more of qualitative analysys. Can anyone help me with
>> my research. You can email me at sriram.mbe@xxxxxxxxx or
>> sriram.phd@xxxxxxxxxx
> If you can post more details about the type of data you have collected and
> what you are trying to statistically determine, I believe people in this
> group will be better able to help you.

Qualitative measures can often be translated into quantitative measure of
some sort. Quality is a 'fluffy' notion for something quantifiable. Once you
get some figures accumulated, throw them at one of the many statistical
analysis tools, many of which are free. You should then have something
emprical to back your hypothesis.

Hope it helps,


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