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Re: Palm Lifedrive (buy something else!!)

__/ [ Laurent Bugnion ] on Wednesday 22 February 2006 06:41 \__

> Hi,
> KevinX wrote:
>> Have Palm made a HUGE error, or what????
>> I had a Tungsten T, for a few happy years :-)
>> Decided to upgrade to the latest Palm.
>> Enter the Palm Lifedrive..
>> What a H U G E mistake..
>> Slow.
>> Resets required.
>> Slow.
>> Soft resets seem to take "forever" (although it may only take about 90
>> seconds, it SEEMS like forever).
>> I think Palm may have dropped a "proverbial" B*ll*ck, on this poor unit.
>> You have been warned....

[partially sarcastic]

I recently saw a client with a LifeDrive. I still use a Tungsten T myself. I
was impressed with the hardware of the LD, the display, and some of the
features of the newer operating system (Gawd have mercy on its soul; RIP).
Yet, I was somewhat shocked by the speed (or lack thereof).

I can vividly recall the client, who needed me to sort out his wireless
access, powering up his handheld. At first I asked him if the loading
duration was normal. I suspected it reached a halt. It seemed like an
eternity (admittedly this can be circumvented). This was not the type of
gadget I would prefer to pull out of my pocket just to jot down on, possibly
using a couple of strokes.

Then comes the issue of size (let alone power consumption). Although I saw
the LifeDrive at the shops beforehand, I was initially convinced that the
client was holding a notoriously heavy iPaq 'relative'. When I got closer, I
realised it was a Palm, which better suited the name "Fist", or "Foot".

[/partially sarcastic]

> Read the LifeDrive group at 1src.com. All problems are described there
> and most of them can easily be solved. I have a LifeDrive too, my first
> experiences were like yours, but instead of complaining to a newsgroup,
> I looked into it, and now I couldn't live without the unit anymore.
> Laurent

It is nice to know that. On the other hand, Palm ought to have released an
acceptable model without requiring the clients to read up some tips and

Best wishes,


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