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Re: Palm Lifedrive (buy something else!!)


Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I am convinced that there are other computer-related activities that keep you
occupied while outside work. Maybe Visual Studio .NET will be available when
Palm move to the Linux kernel. *gasp*

Contextually related: http://www.devsource.com/article2/0,1895,1911603,00.asp

[ Mainsoft, IBM Port .Net Apps to Linux, J2EE ]

Oh yes there are... ;-) And if I don't have some, I just invent new ones...

Yes, it's true, it needs some tuning. I'd say that Palm ought to sell it
to technically versed people only, but of course we are not such a big

I don't fully agree here [/with respect/]. I have not downloaded Palm programs Palm in about 3 years, even when I thought I could benefit from some (most latterly pssh). In fact, I do on my Tungsten the same stuff I used to on the M130, if not _less_. There is a reason for this reluctance to take advantage of Bluetooth, Web surfing and modern applications. It is the time, learning, and adaptability required. I made this investment many years ago when I moved to Linux, but the scenario was different owing to lock-ins and self-centred Web services.

The bottom line: the last thing I want is to buy a model in the shop, which
in turns requires extra labour. It can either come bloated with software or
as a stripped-down base for the user to strap some poison
(plug-ins/applications) on. As it stands, the LD fails to do something very
fundamental: reboot acceptably quickly.

That's the difference between a gadget freak (aka Laurent) and a reasonable guy (aka Roy). When I buy a new device (be it a mixer for the kitchen or a wireless router), I just *have* to try all functionalities, and to tune it until it works, not just well, but as well as I want it to work (which takes usually minutes for the mixer, and days for the router). My excuse for this behaviour is: It makes me a better engineer, because now I understand how [the mixer] / [WPA security] works, depending on the case. Note that sometimes, I tune it so well that it doesn't work anymore. Shit happens. :-)

It's a shame, though, that when people have a device that doesn't work,
they don't want spend time making it work better. It's even more a shame
nowadays (as compared to only 5 or 10 years ago), when every information
you need about pretty much any device is available online, without
having to lift one's ass out of the couch ;-) I guess it's part of the
"If it's broken, don't mend it, just throw it away" mentality that
governs todays (occidental) world...



It's a spoiled generation, no doubt.


Kevin seems to concur with my opinion on the matter.

With kind regards,


You said yourself, spoiled generation ;-) This includes many people *L*

See also my reply to Kevin, BTW. I attempt to explain my point.

Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft
Software engineering: http://www.galasoft-LB.ch
Private/Malaysia: http://mypage.bluewin.ch/lbugnion
Support children in Calcutta: http://www.calcutta-espoir.ch

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