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Re: Auto resizing web page according to screen resolution

__/ [ David E. Ross ] on Thursday 23 February 2006 22:47 \__

> mukeshgupta.WD@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i have seen in many web sites, the size of pages are automatically
>> resized according to screen resolution.
>> generally we create web layout for 800x600 but if we view it in1024x768
>> then the page open have wide space on right.
>> Is there any kind of coding to overcome this situation.like when we
>> wiew the page created in 800x600 in 1024x768 resol. then it
>> atomatically resized to full screen without having any scroll on
>> browser.
>> Can any body have the solution..............
> To summarize what Boswell and Dingley said, DON'T.
> Design your Web pages without any knowledge of the browser, resolution,
> or screen size chosen by those who view the pages.  Otherwise, you risk
> making your pages unviewable by those who have Web-capable cell phones,
> who use Web-TV, or choose not to maximize their browser windows.

...Not to mention privacy, JavaScript, the possibility of a viewer receiving
the pages via a terminal/proxy, etc.

> What is the resolution used by someone who is blind and is using an
> audio browser?  What size would you make a page for that browser?

Never thought of that one, yet. Speaking of which, yesterday I read that
Google will replace a Lynx-type crawler with one which renders the pages
using Gecko. It could get insight into design aspects and compatibility with
different screen sizes.


Best wishes,


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