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Microsoft Servers Lead to Chaos

Further to a recent rant about Microsoft Exchange servers [1], I have just
received the following message. Since I took my toys and ran away from that
server years ago, I find it rather comical and thought you would, too. See
[1] to read more about the endless trouble Exchange has given us, let alone
the fact that IT staff keep configuring, replacing and buying new Microsoft
servers, all in to no avail.

From:           ANONIMISED
To:             EVERYONE
Subject:        [ANONIMISED] Mail Server Problems Yesterday (Dt: 23/02/06)

Dear All
After a virus check on the <ANONIMISED> Mail Server yesterday, the server
suddenly crashed at 1:30pm. The virus files had to be removed by another
method as it had corrupted the Antivirus software. It had also deleted
essential files required to start the mail services. Those files had to
be restored and therfore it took some time before we could bring the
server online again. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused
to all users.
 Information Systems Manager

Yesterday afternoon everyone received the following E-mail too:

From:           ANONIMISED
To:             EVERYONE
Subject:        [ANONIMISED] Server2 and OLD SAN

Due to the increasing problems with the OLD SAN & Server 2 it has been
decided that all the data from the old SAN will be moved onto the new
SAN and will be controlled by a new Linux server ([ANONIMISED]-SAN1).

The process of migrating all of the information from the old SAN will
start tomorrow and be completed for Monday 27th February.


I would love it if Erik /et al./ could jump in and defend the chaos, which
has not only affected Windows users in this department, but *nix users too.
Sooner or later it turns out that only *nix can get the job done [2,3]. Even
Microsoft are using Linux servers in-house [4].


    The next time Bill Gates sends an e-mail through Microsoft's shiny new
Wireless LAN it will be passed through a behind-the-scenes Linux-based
network appliance.


    Pandey?s (senior director of Microsoft IT) appraisal of Aruba's
technology is in stark contrast to Microsoft?s "Get the Facts" rhetoric
which places Windows as a more secure, and higher-performing choice over




[3] http://www.tectonic.co.za/viewr.php?id=595

[4] http://www.linuxworld.com.au/index.php/id;754084996;fp;2;fpid;1

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