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Re: search-function for commercial websites with google/yahoo

__/ [ Felix Natter ] on Friday 24 February 2006 12:23 \__

> hello,
> I need a search function for a commercial website containing only static
> html, so I thought of the site-search function of google/yahoo.
> Both offer this, but I'm not sure it's free for commercial use
> (their conditions of use are quite contradictory in this respect...).
> Can somebody please clarify this?

Both are free. For Google, it remains free provided that your site does not
exceed a certain size (20,000 pages I suspect). When you want to get a broad
search engines for a large commerical site, look into "Google Mini", which
is pricy (and judging by the results it serves here at the University, it's
poor too).

> Also: I guess including the logo in the search-form is mandatory, right?

No. It probably would *not* be noticeably appreciated by companies with
billions in revenue either. On the contrary, smaller companies like
Technorati automate the check for links reciprocity.

> thanks!

If you seek a multi-search engine example, have a look at:

http://Schestowitz.com/Search (inspired by Tantek of Technorati)

Hope it helps,


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