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Re: Bristol's switch to StarOffice

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 24 February 2006 16:03 \__

> On Friday 24 February 2006 14:42 Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> City Council, aye? Where did we put that flying pig again...?
> Heh:-)
> Yep - the council:-)
> - but this goes back to what I was saying to Mark.
> Those folks who work for the council include the Education Dept.,
> Treasurer's Dept. etc?  They will all become quite proficient with
> StarOffice.  There's no doubt what the vast majority of them will start to
> use at home, or even take home - in fact, probably be *encouraged* to take
> it home, quite legally?
> - but then riddle-me-this.  What happens when the guys in the Education &
> Treasurer's Depts. get the request from the local schools for next year's
> budget, and see for many of them something like:-
>  "MS Office licences:  300 @x =£300X"?
> Do you reckon they will just sign it off?  Or is *that* where those
> fully-fuelled porky-aviators of yours get the message "Squadron - scramble!
> scramble!":-)
> You see what I meant?  We spend a lot of time here postulating/advocating
> these things working their way up from users like me and thee.  I'm seeing
> evidence all the time now that they are going to percolate down!

They  sure will. That's why even a small majority can have tremendous  im-
pact.  It gives a voice to a second view, even if it is sometimes silenced
by a majority which comprises conservative seniors.

A  famous scientist once said (I cannot remember his name) that change of-
ten  occurs  when an older generation passes away and gets  'replaced'  (I
mean  that in a good sense) by the younger generation. The use of the pen,
for example, might be obviated by electronic methods within a few decades.
It's  encouraging  to see some young children that *own*  legacy  hardware
with Linux hardware running on it.


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