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Re: Desktop Folder Views

__/ [ wg ] on Saturday 25 February 2006 03:02 \__

> Hello,
> I have a couple of questions regarding the KDE desktop, folders, and
> application icons:
> 1)
> I would like to create a folder on my desktop that, when opened, has a
> view that is different than the one konqueror uses when I want to do
> file management. When I'm using Konqueror for file management I want to
> see the navigation panel and display files in a list view. But when I
> open my desktop folder I want it to have an icon view with no navigation
> panel. I would also be nice to get rid of the web browser toolbars like
> the tab bar and location window. I'm not sure how to do this, or if it
> is possible.
> I have created a new view profile called "Desktop Folders" which has the
> some of the settings I want, but the folder always opens using the file
> managment view profile. Is there any way to customize this behavior the
> way I want?


I think the following might help:

          kfmclient openProfile filemanagement &

          kfmclient openProfile filepreview &

          kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing &

          kfmclient openProfile midnightcommander &

Just bind these commands to the desktop icon and customise your profiles
accordingly. You can create new profiles too, where the flexibility for each
is immense.

> 2)
> When I put application icons into the folder I have created on my
> desktop, it displays the .desktop file extension. I would like it to be
> hidden so that the icons I have in the desktop folder only display the
> names that I give them.  Again, is is possible to do this?

Windows has file extensions. Linux only /reluctantly/ embraces that
convention. I suspect that you cannot hide file extensions because they are
meaningless and lead to issues (e.g. try to rename a file in Windows when
file extensions are hidden). Also, I have not come across that option.

If you want dot.filename icons to be hidden in the desktop, you have an
option for that (Control Center or Konqueror settings under Desktop). You
can also set hidden file to be indeed hidden under View in Konqueror.

Good luck,


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