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Re: Making money with AdSense

__/ [ Andrew Gibson ] on Friday 24 February 2006 23:03 \__

>> I've heard a lot lately about people who claim to be earning $400.00 to
>> $1200.00 USD per month from AdSense.
>> Is this at all realistic?
>> Or even remotely possible?
>> Or would I be better off to not waste time developing websites to use it?
> When you sign up to adsense the TOS specifically prohibits discussion of
> earnings. However, if you develope a website with decent content then you
> will see a good return from adsense once your traffic starts to build up.
> Focus on content and you can't go too wrong when it comes to SEO either.
> If I'm leaving a site I like and it's using adsense, I'll always click on
> an ad as I leave. I just consider it to be good web manners!
> Regards
> Andrew

You may perceive this as common courtesy, but in reality you must remember:

 * Google gets paid X per click

 * The Webmaster gets paid Y per click

 *The advertiser pays X+Y+X where Z is taxation. Like you, I used the
  think the intention was good, but the innocent small business is led 
  to frustration.

Best wishes,


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