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Re: $100 Linux Laptop: 150 Million Units per Year

__/ [ 7 ] on Saturday 25 February 2006 21:19 \__

> Tim Smith wrote:
>> In article <dtpv7v$10u2$3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>  Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I read about it back in August:
>>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4735927.stm
>>> I also blogged about it immediately. I never realised it had transcended
>>> the borders of India and reached the UK. Intersting! This could have more
>>> impact than eSys offerings.
>> It's $75 less than the cheapest machine Dell has on their site right now
>> (before applying coupon codes).  However, the Dell is much better:
>>    2.53 GHz Celeron D vs. 1 GHz something
>>    256 meg RAM vs. 128 meg RAM
>>    80 gig disk vs. 40 gig disk
>>    17 inch monitor vs. 15 inch monitor
>> The 10k Rupee computer isn't a very good deal at all.  It's actually a
>> bit overpriced.
> Rubbish.
> You could spend the extra dollars and get better machine than dell$
> for same price as dell$ could ever manage - namely because
> whatever is advertised in the US is not what sells outside US -
> particularly because of tax, tarrifs and infrastructure costs. The dell$
> machines available in those parts of the world are some one third to
> double the advertised price and not value for money.

True. Pricing is different in the UK, you can never find an offer such as the
one you quoted. What's more, with Dell you rarely get support. They never
answer the goddamn phone. Like my colleague says, they think they can cheap
low-priced hardware and then just disappear.


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