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Re: $100 Linux Laptop: 150 Million Units per Year

__/ [ Ian Hilliard ] on Saturday 25 February 2006 12:12 \__

> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006 09:12:38 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4292854.stm
>> "Professor Negroponte predicts there could be 100 million to 150 million
>> shipped every year by 2007."
>> Could this be realistic?
> If this things works at all well and has or can have WLAN, I can see a big
> use for these things in the west, where people working out in the field
> are currently always having problems with their notebooks failing or
> running out of power.

The cost of the laptop, as well as its durability, could bring laptops (or
more broadly -- computers) to as-yet inconceivable places. I wonder what
Microsoft's brand-new, yet-unannounced Origami is intending to do on that

> Running out of power is my biggest problem, because I do a lot of long
> flights. The company is too tight to send me business class, so I have no
> power supply. My two batteries are never enough to make it LON/SIN. Being
> able to recharge with a crank handle would be brilliant.

I gave up on my laptop and I now use the PDA in flights and airports (among
other places). Get a decent foldable keyboard and you are good to go within
10 seconds. Boarding requires you to put away electronics? No problem. Just
set the keyboard and PDA aside. A PDA can be pulled out of the pocket and be
ready to digest data within milliseconds.

> People out in the field are always dropping their laptops. If they are as
> tough as hoped, this will be a whole new world of computing.

I have seen some tough laptops that are intended to absorb merely any hit,
fall, and temperature. These were extremely expensive though and were
difficult to handle.

Best wishes,b


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