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Re: Opinions on new PDA please

__/ [ mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Monday 27 February 2006 15:04 \__

> Martin <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm sorry but your statement above is nonsense. What if I decide to buy a
>> new piece of hardware, what are the chances it will work with Linux
>> straightaway? You missed the point. The hardware manufacturers need to
>> provide out of the box drivers for Linux or people won't go near it.
> Last time I bought some new hardware that didn't work with linux out of
> the box was about four or five years ago. A Tungsten E as it happens.
> These days with hotplug and coldplug you just plug in most modern
> hardware and start using it.
> Manufacturers on the other hand write drivers which are unfortunately
> just as crap under linux as under windows. I'd avoid any hardware that
> depended on a driver that came in the box with it.

Unfortunately, many people base their prejudice on past experience and
effortless taste rather than learning curve and savour. Judging by my three
Linux machines (with 3 different distributions on them) I can get all my
hardware (originally bought for Windows) recognised 'out of the box'. This
includes Palm handhelds, which never even required any drivers or additional

The following was published just hours ago:


"People reject Linux desktops for illogical reasons, says IT consultant and
developer Jono Bacon. For example, they fault Linux OpenOffice desktops for
not having all the features in Microsoft Windows Office, even though few
actually use all of the Microsoft stuff. So, in essence, they're saying they
want desktops cluttered with unnecessary features."


"The difficulty with the consumer side is that consumers naturally feel
comfortable in Windows because that's what they know. Lethargy is one of the
toughest nuts to crack, and consumers won't move unless they can see a key
benefit to the move, move with little or no hassle and don't incur any
further costs."

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