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Re: Google Computers - Hardware Coming to Town

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [WhoTurnedOffTheLights] on Tuesday 03 January 2006 19:18 \__
>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:dpdtld$8kh$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Apparently you can sell computers to boost your search engine 
>>> popularity,
>>> or
>>> encourage use of Web services.
>>> http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-predict1jan01,0,3503327.story
>>> Maybe it's just an attempt to gnaw at the competitor's share and maybe 
>>> an
>>> attempt to invade a new sector for good. It stirs many thoughts in one's
>>> mind. Google Mini, Google O/S, Java Runtime Environment...
>> Walmart? If true, then I wonder how many others had turned down their 
>> ideas
>> before they had to settle for something like Walmart. I don't exactly see
>> folks rushing to the electronics section of Walmart these days. Locally,
>> Folks with half a brain would sooner head over to more well known
>> electronics stores as well as reputable online merchants. But then again, 
>> I
>> CAN see Tigerdirect selling a Google Box.
> I think that Google aim for the not-so-IT-savvy crowd. These are the 
> people
> who not will invest a decent amount of money in their workstation or even
> fully-understand what is being offered.

I didn't realise till now that Sam's Club & Walmart are one and the same (or 
somethin' like that).
Never been to Sam's but I know that folks don't bother with such items at 
BJs or Costco so who knows?

> People who shop for computers at Walmart are more likely to be using 
> Google
> Mail and whatever browser gets installed by default. They are more
> /obedient/ to the vendor, so Google can make up for the low cost of the
> computers. Microsoft have used similar tactics: incorporating MSN/Hotmail 
> to
> IE and Outlook (Express). On-line services and the channels to these
> services are key to success. Also, cost of a computer can be reduced (a la
> Dell) by allowing all kinds of trial versions of AV software and ISP's to 
> be
> bound to a pre-installed base.

You left out AOL. Lots of folks I've known who were AOL users hardly venture 
out beyond their AOL Communities.

>> Let's face it, you can already get a PC for a few hundred.
> Got one for GBP 165 recently.

Oh, for some reason I thought you were here in the states Roy.

>> If there's any validity to this article then methinks Page and cohort are
>> stretching a tad bit too far.
>> We've had this discussion before Roy on a few occasions. Microsoft will 
>> not
>> fall asunder. But then again......?
> What excited me the most about this is availability of alternative 
> choices.
> Like Firefox has proven, diversity leads to better awareness and less
> susceptibility to lockins. I am sometimes a sufferer of X which only works
> on Y, exclusively.

I know I continue to defend MS but I can't help likin' the underdog. 'but 
yeah, it would be nice to have 'better' alternatives to what there is out 
there now. Maybe such a move on Google's part would propell/compell 
Microsoft to get their act together. 

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