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Re: Link management

__/ [Paul H] on Friday 06 January 2006 16:02 \__

> I have over 100 external links on my website, I need to check who of these
> links back to me. I need to do this regularly.
> Is there a software tool that does this?
> Thanks,
> Paul

* Technorati.com enables you to do this almost in real time. Output is in the
form of Web pages or RSS feeds

* Try 'link:<your_site_address>' in Yahoo search or Google search. You can
pull results in the form of RSS feeds from both

* Use one of a variety of meta search engines in http://gada.be/ to keep
track of items that identify your site. Many links are included and
delivered in RSS form.

* Look at your referrals logs and try to see what comes up. valuable links
tend to lead actual visitors (traffic) to your site.

I mentioned RSS form quite often because you sought a software tool. Use an
RSS reader (e.g. RSSOwl, Thunderbird or Web-based Feedlounge, Google
Reader...). This means that you will have a comforable environment for
keeping track of this any time, anywhere. You can also aggregate results
form a variety of distinct sources.

Hope this helps,


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