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Re: kernel panic, i panic not


You're telling me.... *smile*

Only 5 minutes ago I helped someone get wireless working under Windows XP.
It  took  nearly 10 minutes. Why? Because goddamn Windows refuses  to  say
something  as simple as 'incompatible IP address'. No verbosity is accept-
able  to Windows. Instead, it will show animated icons which indicate that
all  is fine and dandy. Try to authenticate? Nothing. After some ping com-
mands  and  a whole load of tests it became apparent that addressees  were
hardcoded.  Now,  why can't Windows ever talk? It has got a mouth, has  it
not?  Trying to defend the users from jargon is no excuse of the automatic
gear so often fails to function.

oh, sure...windows can talk... it gives messages such as : "windows encountered and error"


I like the subject line, by the way: kernel panic, I panic not. I'll try to remember that. It can be generalised to argue in defence of the com- mand-line.

of course the first time i ever saw that message many years ago... i figured it was something serious... now i just look at problems as a nice challenge


PS  -  an academic couple came to the office half an hour ago. They had  a
Dell  laptop that ran Windows 98 (Pentium 3 and took 3-4 minutes to boot).
They  left  the office with an installation CD and a Live CD of Ubuntu  in
their hands. Oh, and I also fixed their connection problem, yet didn't ne-
glect to blame Windows.

good... i think it's time i started a few on my friends on Linux

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