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Re: A Windows Enthusiast's View of SUSE

__/ [Ray Ingles] on Friday 06 January 2006 18:46 \__

> On 2006-01-06, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> What truth is that exactly? That Linux is secure? That it is
>>>> user-friendly? That it is stable?
>>> No need to be facetious Roy, you know full well linux isn't any of that.
>> I sure know it *is*. I say it without a shadow of a doubt. Using Ubuntu at
>> the moment:
>  There's no point in replying to this kind of troll, Roy. He's not in it
> to spread FUD, he's just after a reaction, period. He'd lie about
> gardening tools if it would get a reaction. Note the fact that he's
> using the dizum mail-to-news gateway to conceal his identity, and the
> message IDs.
>  He's not interested in productive discussion (as I've said before, I
> think people like this fear they don't really have anything to offer in
> that area) so he'll just say whatever gets responses. It's too
> transparent to fool anyone, even the (rare) non-Linux-user who might
> stumble upon this group once in a blue moon.
>  There are a few trolls who actually put some thought into their
> missives, trying to use just enough half-truths to say something that
> isn't necessarily, obviously wrong. Those are worth responding to, if
> only for the practice in dispelling actual FUD. (Don't have any
> illusions you'll actually change a troll's mind - they've given up on
> genuine discussion and exchange of ideas.)
You are quite right. Thanks for pointing that out.

Best wishes,


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