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Re: Where is Linux ?

__/ [Peter] on Sunday 08 January 2006 10:51 \__

> I have seen various Linux Distributions for sale at computer shows in the
> North West but never seen it running on any computers at these shows.

Linux at computer shows in the North West? Where? And is that truly
surprising? Here's the explanation:

Much like the case with the a shop's front window, the bosses do not 'expose'
them because there is no company to sponsor such computers. Moreover, the
profit from selling a copy of Linux makes this use of space financially
ineffective. You see, Peter, if Fujitsu and Microsoft want to market their
commercial hardware and commerical software, they give a dummy machine to
the show organiser. Linux does not pay the cash. It sells itself to the
individual who understands its genuine values.

> I have given away various live Cd's for people to try out small computer
> shops , friends etc.
> But the usual answer is " Sorry haven't had time to try it out ".
> A few of us try out various versions at our computer club but there does
> not seem to be any great interest in Linux.
> What do you feel the real problem is ?
> Peter

If you live in the North West, I suggest you drop that
<strike>breakfast<strike> computer club and join one among many Linux Users
Groups (LUG's). There is one at Manchester University, one in Salford and
there is also one in Sheffield, West Yorkshire and maybe even Liverpool.
Search the Web and find out more.

Best wishes,


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