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Re: From 0 (Windows) to 100 (Linux) in 15 minutes!

__/ [Richard Rasker] on Monday 09 January 2006 13:30 \__

> Today, I went over to a regular customer (your average desk worker) whose
> XP machine had fallen victim to malware for the third or fourth time this
> year, rendering it totally unbootable. He had already resigned to yet
> another reinstall, but this time, he wanted to give Linux a try.
> I'd already told him that Linux probably offered everything he'd need,
> and also that installing Linux would take less than an hour - as compared
> to the average of two working days to get his Windows environment with all
> its applications and settings back to the desired state. So he figured
> he'd give Mandriva a spin - there wouldn't be much time lost in trying,
> and he could always reinstall Windows.

Assuming it has been too long since...


Now, more seriously and less sarcastically, consider using the new Linux
Distribution Chooser. Based on what people have said (not only in this
newsgroup), it can do a decent job. It often reflects on the truth, too.

  (patience, it was Slashdotted while I was at lunch)

> He already made a DVD with back-ups of all his important files (mostly
> Word documents and pictures), so we could get cracking right away.
> I loaded the Mandriva 2006 DVD, rebooted the box, made some simple
> selections (language, software), and started the install. Now I expected
> this to take approximately 45 minutes - the time it took on my old Celeron
> 660MHz box. My jaw (and the customer's jaw) dropped when this was finished
> within just eleven (11!) minutes ... One more minute to enter a few
> passwords and confirm networking and printer settings, and the install was
> done. After rebooting, copying the user's files to his new home directory
> took another minute or two, after which he could get back to work.

11 minutes? OMG. 20 minutes is often the best people report, even without
much user intervention.

> Total amount of time between booting the install DVD on a totally b0rk3d
> XP box and achieving a 100% operational Linux box - including migrating
> the user's files: 15 minutes.
> Linux just keeps impressing the hell out of me.

Windows has gone loco and disappointed our entire department today. I wrote
about it an hour ago.


I wouldn't usually link to my own items, but I find it to be very relevant to
this write-up of yours. Very fresh and timely as well.


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