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Re: Search Engines and Placement Into Search Engines

__/ [Jim Carlock] on Monday 09 January 2006 16:57 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted:
>> You mean like wget or lynx? Are you trying to get a
>> 'Google box' to emulate what is happening? Maybe find out
>> what obstructs it?
> No Google box wanted. Was looking for something that might
> be programmed via C++ or some other compiler.

They say that Google keep their code locked in a safe with 3 dragons
protecting it. There used to be ogres, but the investors suggested dragons.

>> ...if you seek code or API's, see code.google.com
> Thanks for the link.
>> Seems fine to me. Have you linked to that sites. Not submitted,
>> but actually *linked* to it. If not, you must?
> http://www.aquaticcreationsnc.com
> It has 3 or 4 links in a couple newsgroups right at the moment.
> Wondering if there's other ways to get some free linking done.
> Hmmm. Well, that seems to explain why people buy ten or
> more domain names and link to one site. I found in the past
> though (2001), that a website did not require any links to
> get put into Google. I left a domain name active with very
> little content at one time and it took maybe 1 to 2 months
> before Google picked it up.
> Thanks, Roy.

You're very welcome. Links are hard to acquire passively unless you get
listed in search engines. It's a chicken-and-egg situation. You must get
things rolling at the start, but abstain from spam. Use you existing site/s
if they are on-topic or speak to friends and partners who have sites that
pertain to the same theme. No relevance = no value to the link.

> They are swimming pool contractors/designers and build
> some really nice swimming pools in North Carolina. The
> designer, John Hartley, won an award in a swimming pool
> publication for a Gibson Les Paul design.
> http://aquaticcreationsnc.com/lib/php/viewing1.php
> http://www.aquaticcreationsnc.com
> The ip number seems to point only at one domain-name,
> so that's a good thing.
> I'll suggest that he talk to his buddies to get a link on their
> site to his site, and then maybe get something going where
> he can connect to them.
> Perhaps the w3 validator links helped in the past. I'll get
> a couple of those configured as well.

No, such links, if existent, need to be rel="nofollowed". They 'leak' ranks
in vain.

> Thanks for your suggestions, Roy.
> Jim Carlock
> Post replies to the newsgroup.

Done that. *smile*


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