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Re: Link management

__/ [Paul H] on Monday 09 January 2006 10:38 \__

> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:dpm6me$ebr$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> __/ [Paul H] on Friday 06 January 2006 16:02 \__
>>> I have over 100 external links on my website, I need to check who of
>>> these
>>> links back to me. I need to do this regularly.
>>> Is there a software tool that does this?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Paul
>> * Technorati.com enables you to do this almost in real time. Output is in
>> the
>> form of Web pages or RSS feeds
> Couldn't get my head round that. On the about about page it
> says.."Technorati is the authority on what's going on in the world of
> weblogs." ??

If the world of Weblogs is all about /links/, then yes. Tagging is also
something that they dominate. They are best bar none in that area. Since a
new blog is created every 1 second nowadays, their capacity is depleted
though and they can't cope with more obscure sites that link heavily, often
for SEO purposes.

>> * Try 'link:<your_site_address>' in Yahoo search or Google search. You can
>> pull results in the form of RSS feeds from both
>> * Use one of a variety of meta search engines in http://gada.be/ to keep
>> track of items that identify your site. Many links are included and
>> delivered in RSS form.
>> * Look at your referrals logs and try to see what comes up. valuable links
>> tend to lead actual visitors (traffic) to your site.
>> I mentioned RSS form quite often because you sought a software tool. Use
>> an
>> RSS reader (e.g. RSSOwl, Thunderbird or Web-based Feedlounge, Google
>> Reader...). This means that you will have a comforable environment for
>> keeping track of this any time, anywhere. You can also aggregate results
>> form a variety of distinct sources.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Roy
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> After looking at some of the solutions I now know *exactly* what I need. I
> currently have a links page with hundred of links on it that has never been
> maintained, links have been added and never checked for a reciprocal link.
> I want to be able to scan every domain that is linked to from my links page
> and check if they link back to me.
> So, for example, if I have a link to http://www.bananas.com on my site, I
> want to scan the entire bananans.com website for a reciprocal link. Is this
> possible?
> Thanks Roy,
> Paul

There are commercial tools for doing that if I remember correctly. However,
how deep need you go in this voyage for that reciprocal link? People tend to
move links around, if not remove them altogether. You don't want to break
'link pacts' in vain.

Will you be willing to crawl the entire site and, if so, how would your 'link
partner' feel about this? How often will you run such link checks? In Linux,
one could do this rather simply, without any shrink-wrapped bloatware.
Firstly, to check that all outgoing links are 'alive', pass your links page


and look at the summary. Then, what you need to do is descend into any such
site -- the external links, that is. One tool (among more) for the job is
wget. You could get just the referred page downloaded or even fetch the
entire site by following links recursively.

You could then run a scanner like fgrep or grep on the files (similar
front-end tools are available for Windows, albeit they cost money). You
should hen attempt to find your domain name anywhere in the site, which is
now mirrored locally. Something like:

fgrep -R "mysite.com" *

The scanner would tell you where the links reside, if anywhere. You can apply
this in batch mode, automatically going through your full list of links and
then schedule it to become a cyclic job (e.g. UNIX cron).

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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      http://iuron.com - next generation of search paradigms

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