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Re: Kleansweep Pro and Con ?

__/ [CWO4 Dave Mann] on Sunday 08 January 2006 23:27 \__
> Hola El Groupo,
> I've installed Kleansweep and the process of setting it up went very
> quickly and easily.

Always good to hear about admirable package management...

> Imagine my surprise when it found over 100 MB of thumbnail images sitting
> around collecting dust.  Zap and they were gone.

It took me several years to discover that I had accumulated over a gigabyte
of these. Imagine the feeling of jumping from 100 MB to 1.1 GB of free disk
space so effortlessly.

> The Orphaned Files and Broken Symlinks was a little bit more interesting.
> It seems that I have almost 400 MB in files which are either orphaned or
> have a broken symlink.  In the symlink category there are only three, but
> the rest are orphaned, I am guessing, because I did not uninstall them
> correctly.

Is it safe to remove these? I wonder what the risk level actually is in terms
of inconsistencies or data loss.

> For example, I tried to set up spamassassin with no success.  It is one of
> those applications which I will get back to when I have more time and
> patience.  Also, Anarok, Aureus and a couple of other applications which I
> no longer have interest in.  There they sit taking up almost 400 MB of
> space.

I probably need to have a look at Kleansweep. There must be plenty of
'leaked' space. Leftovers of unused applications...

> If I have my instructions correct, if there are folders which are titled
> applications which I no longer have or want, then I can use kleansweep to
> eliminate them and then I will recover that wasted or unused space.
> I know, that you are thinking, old Dave has two 200 GB drives and three 200
> GB Firewire drives, why is he worrying about a couple hundred megs or so.

That's the reason why I haven't bothered with space recovery tools. I must
admit that I am tight in terms of space on this old machine, but I don't
believe it's worth the time. I can always remove some media.

> OK, call me obsessive ... remember I grew up with punch cards and a
> Heathkit H89 running CP/m, a 1 mHz clock speed and 65 Kilo of memory.
> Your ideas, input, advice?
> Dave

Other operating systems have similar issues. If you choose to look at
Windows' direction (I don't know the anatomy of Mac OS too well), not only
do you have leftover binaries in /win*/system*, but you also have Registry
bloat, which slows down the entire operation of the O/S and requires
occasional hard-drive wipes.

Remember: it is easy to recover disk space or expand (e.g. additional
physical drives), but CPU and memory consumption is another matter where
optimisation is complex. Also, changing of one's motherboard is not trivial.
Memory can be expensive (or not), but the more it's used, the more it
devours the CPU, under most circumstances.


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