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Re: Thanks Google group

__/ [Mahesh] on Tuesday 10 January 2006 13:22 \__

> Thanks to all my dear group members who reply my query-
> i had posted message
> Help me to add site to google
> www.netland.in
> on
> Mahesh - Jan 3, 11:56 am
> 10 peoples gives me a nice suggessions
> and i get succesful now google, yahoo, MSN and other lot of search
> engines will display my site to the top position and i am surprised it
> all happens in 8 days only
> thanks again
> site comes to top by fallowing keywords
> Netland Internet Solutions
> Netland India
> Netland Domains
> Netland Web Hosting
> but now i am trying to remove netland in keywords.
> and need ur help to suggest me haw can i do it as fast as possible?
> my targeted keywords are
> web hosing
> Domain Registration
> web hosing mumbai
> Domain Registration mumbai
> web site designing
> dedicated server
> email solutions
> internet so0lutions
> pls suggest me new tricks to bring top
> this cometitive keywords
> fmahes ugale
> www.netland.in

I am glad to hear that you find everyone's advice fruitful.

In short, removal of 'netland' means that you are looking at highly
competitive results pages. The road is long for reaching good placements,
but take it one step at a time and gain some honourable inbound links in a
variety of ways. It is a matter of inertia, so expect it to start off slow
and gain momentum progressively.

Additionally, go over some SEO aliterature (plenty of that on the Web),
optimise your site, and make it appealing to visitors. People would rather
link to professional-looking sites with good articles which are worth

Good luck,


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