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Re: Dell$ !ships Open Office installed on all new PCs

  • Subject: Re: Dell$ !ships Open Office installed on all new PCs
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 06:13:20 +0000
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__/ [Oxford] on Thursday 12 January 2006 21:30 \__

> "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> 7 wrote:
>> > Dell$ !announced today that it is !shipping
>> > free Open Office pre-installed with all new PCs
>> > http://www.openoffice.org
>> >
>> > This is in direct response to competitive pressure
>> > on PC vendors with competitor companies selling PCs with
>> > Linux installed in dual boot mode cheaper than wallmart$ PCs
>> > or kitting out windopes PC with Open Office and other
>> > open source software like Firefox, Thunderbird,
>> > Gimp (photoshop replacement), Gaim, 7zip,
>> > ClamAV, winpooch, privoxy, as well as the dual
>> > boot Linux (http://www.livecdlist.com )
>> >
>> > Many other PC vendors are expected to follow suit
>> > by offering PCs pre-loaded with free open source
>> > software so as to maximise customer value by switching to the
>> > open source movement bandwagon.
>> >
>> > Dell$ has !promised to contribute funds back to the open source
>> > community in exchange for the benefits they as a corporation
>> > derive having made the leap in making open source work for them.
> that's very doubtful, it wouldn't make any sense for DeLL to do so.

Yes,  we need a link from somewhere that has a high level of  credibility.
The  Opera  and Google PC rumours are probably a product of the blog  phe-
nomenon, but also the LA Times screwed up once.

Bear  in  mind that Dell bundle Firefox only in the UK. I once  predicated
that  OpenOffice was just a matter of time, but this seems too quick to be

Firefox,  you see, is /better/ than most other browsers. OpenOffice cannot
yet be described as the optimal office suite. It is not the 'mother of al-
l' in terms of functionality.

That  aside, how do you think Microsoft would feel if their close ally  or
'hardware  department' gave customers a reason to opt out from the biggest
'cash cow'? This serves the customers whose filestore is often filled with
Office  files nonetheless. Dell must decide if their priority is the  ally
or the customer whose budget is limited. Given their greyish past (Open PC
more expensive than a Windows PC), I doubt it with passion.


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