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Re: Error 403 from Google

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Friday 13 January 2006 11:47 \__

> I find this rather amusing actually. I have been getting 403 errors (denial
> of access) from Google for the past few minutes, claiming that "A computer
> virus or spyware application is sending us automated requests". I have
> Netcraft and the A9 toolbars installed. They tend to echo my requests, i.e.
> visit all pages in my 'history', so I suspect they are the culprits.
> GoogleBar and SearchStatus request PageRank values on occasions, but I have
> not run any tools that leads to heavy query load (not for months
> anyway...).
> I have tested access to Google from a remote computer to confirm that it is
> only my IP address (which means that I can still get around this by
> SSH'ing), but nonetheless it's an interesting observation, I think. Have
> they become paranoid or vain perhaps? Maybe they dislike multiple requests
> from various locations, but if that's the case, they are stepping on their
> rivals' toes.
> Roy

Update: it appears as if Google intercept only requests which come from
GoogleBar, the Open Source toolbar that predates the official Google

GoogleBar enables its user to fetch 50 results for each results page. I toyed
with the URL's and settings to discover that Google deny the fetching of >10
results for particular terms, but not for others. Nonetheless, they begin to
limit the load they are willing to tolerate and information that they
deliver as a *Web page* (a SERP). It's just an intersting observation
because this has worked flawlessly for a long, long time.


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