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__/ [Stacey] on Friday 13 January 2006 17:26 \__

>> [...]
>> You need incoming links. Submissions are worthless and most likely get
>> discarded. Any porn, pills, gambling and warez site can attempt a
>> submission. Should that warrent crawling and indexing?
> Yep links and waiting.

More links=less waiting?

__/ [Charles U] on Friday 13 January 2006 17:43 \__

> Thanks Roy & Stacey,
> Please excuse my ignorance but could you further define Links.
> How do Google Spyders differ from MSN & Yahoo
> Charles U

MSN and Yahoo would brag about their investment in crawling capacity.
However, they might just 'travel' through the wrong cyber-neighbourhoods,
which might be composed of pseudo/synthetic content and plenty of useless,
duplicable information, which would not benefit the index. Bad index leads
to bad search results.

While links pose a barrier in the face of *reach* (i.e. requiring links means
that the entire Web will never be crawled fully, but instead will be cycled
through again and again), there is quality assurance in place. That, I
imagine, is why you must gain some links in order for Google to honour your

One site of mine barely has *any* links (it's 5 years old), but it continues
to be heavily crawled by MSN. Google and Yahoo are nowhere to be seen.


Roy S. Schestowitz
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