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Re: Replacing our google search appliance

__/ [Syl] on Friday 13 January 2006 20:01 \__

> Any suggestions as to what to replace our google search appliance with
> ?

What has been the purpose of the appliance? Has the custom page site search
from Google been unsatisfactory? I see that you site contains  36,000 public
pages assuming that all have been crawled. Have you considered PhpDig and
ht://Dig? They are quite poor in terms of performance (ranking), but at
least they are driven by your site rather than 'offshorn'. Yahoo offer API's
for decent site search as well.

> Our static web site resides on a enterprise edition of red hat for
> linux.
> We do have an external windows server but I would prefer an install
> package for Linux. Altho for the right tool we could use samba.

Is the appliance independent? I have never seen one, but there is one such
box at the University. It should not be platform dependent, I believe. The
tools I suggested above work fine on most hardware with LAMP/WAMP. If you
content was delivered 'on the fly', then you could use the excellent (My)SQL
search, but with a large number of pages (or a lot of content), it puts the
server under enormous pressure.

> Our content data currently resides on a Windows server using SQL
> Server, and Linux server housing PDF docs, .doc docs and static shtml
> files, as well a third Linux server that stores content data in a
> Postgres database. The content from the Postgres database is being
> pulled using custom Perl and PHP scripts.

Why not search it using SQL queries? I can recall some rich types of
searches, which do not typically involve an index, but are complete

> Any experienced words of wisdom out there ?
> We are currently testing out dtSearch :
> http://dtsearch.com/
> but it is not very Linux friendly.

In what sense? It seems to work fine in Firefox. The only nuisance are child
windows, which can take a long time to show up.

> Thanks!

Hope it helps...

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