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Re: Google sandbox and Yahoo indexing: how long?

__/ [ scientia@xxxxxxxxxxx ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 16:15 \__

> Hello.
> I believe that Google sandbox does exist, for the following
> reason:
> I made 2 new websites in January 2005. They were indexed
> by Google after a few days, but they did not get good results.
> In June 2005 they started to get good positions on Google.
> This would be a 5 month sandbox.
> However, in June 2005 I made a new website, that was
> indexed by Google after a few days.
> In November (5 months) it started to dance between #90
> and #50 for an important keyword. I have several good links
> for that keyword (it's #3 on MSN).
> In December it reached #33, then it went back around #55.
> A few days ago it reached #29, then it went back to #53.
> However, my links are really good and a expected to go
> in the top 10 positions. Why didn't this happen?
> Someone says that the Google sandox lasts 9-12 months.
> This could be a good explanation: what do you think?
> 9 months will expire around March 15.
> By the way, this website has not been indexed by Yahoo
> yet! It's almost 9 months now: how is this possible?!
> Thanks,
> Fabrizio

Have all the pages remained unchanged throughout this 'experiment'? Were any
incoming links added in the interim? What is the extent of the site and what
do you gauge its ranks by? Are you following just a single results page?
Have you considered the fact that your competition is never static either?

I am skeptic merely because these trials are over-simplified. You are
probably driven by the hypothesis, motovated by hope and anticipation.

If your Web page has not yet been indexed by Yahoo, perhaps it lacks inbound
links. Yahoo will crawl, collect and index the pages almost as quickly as
the counterparts.

Good luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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