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Re: Why do I hate Windows...

__/ [ Kelsey Bjarnason ] on Sunday 05 March 2006 13:26 \__

> [snips]
> On Sun, 05 Mar 2006 07:05:01 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> When Larry returns from his skiing tri *rolls eyes*, perhaps he'll have a
>> word or two to add. I doubt anyone can confute your argument, which are
>> all so familiar to me being a support staff, usually needing to mend
>> Broken Windows(C).
> I note, with some amusement, that Funnybush has now decided that "fuck
> off" is the correct way to refute things, and Snit has been reduced to
> little more than "you're getting defensive".

He completely lost it. That's not how I pictured him, not even in my wildest
of dreams.

> What really gets me is how they expect anyone to believe their systems are
> so completely without fault or flaw.  Do they really think we haven't used
> Windows, or don't know people who continue to use Windows?

That exactly is a point that crossed my mind earlier today. Very few Windows
advocated have explored Linux *in depth*, if at all. I have used Windows
since 3.1 and I continue to see it every now and then, never on my own 
computers though.

Whenever I see it 'in action' (often it crawls, malfunctions or crashes), I
am only reminded of how terrible it truly is. When I get mass E-mails about
the Windows servers, always in the context of disasters and downtimes, I
become impatient too (some servers I depend on for routing). I feel relieved
to have run away from the platform after Windows 98. With respect, it was
rather decent at the time and security was not an overwhelming issue either.

> Here at work, we have many servers, mostly Linux, a few Windows.  One of
> the Windows servers had viruses on it.  How the hell do you get a virus on
> a *server*?  No freakin' clue, but they managed it.  Of course, soon as it
> hits the new LAN, it starts merrily spreading everywhere, right?  It
> probably would have, but for the fact we caught it in time.

...Not quite as lucky over here. The new Windows server got infected. In
turn, the infection messed about with the AV software and eliminated it.
That was less than a fornight ago. Thank goodness I am not bound to a
University mail account. That Exchange has been flaky for _over a year_,
even though it was exchanged (pun intended) with a new one.

> 'Course, we also have a tech support line.  You have *any* idea how many
> issues we get calls about which are directly a result of Windows
> flakiness?  Actually, chances are you do.  And there are friends, family,
> associates, etc, all of whom end up relying on us to fix their systems.
> We are *very* well aware that this "Windows just works" line is a load of
> steaming dingo kidneys.  We've been there.  We've used it, supported it,
> worked with it, and for many of us, that's been since before most people
> had ever heard of it.

Right on with the "steaming dingo kidneys" line. It is _Linux_ that "just
works", once it is initially set up (which can be done by a vendor, as is
often the case with Windows).

> As I said, nothing's perfect.  That said, the one thing I *really*
> appreciate about Linux is, once you have it installed and set up, *that's
> it*.  You don't have to worry about it flaking out and dying, slowing
> down, getting creamed by viruses and malware, etc, etc, etc.  And you
> never have to even consider reinstalling simply because you've been using
> it - the only times that's even potentially required is when you're doing
> something rather stupendously risky, in which case, it really is a user
> problem, not an OS problem.

I have run this current system without any trouble for 2.5 years. It took a
while to initially configure -- to have it serve as a powerful workstation.
The only reason to ever reboot are downtimes, all of which are attributed to
intermediate Windows servers.

Where I do not depend on Windows server:

Home (SuSE):

roy@linux:~/Desktop> uptime
  3:40pm  up 91 days 22:24,  8 users,  load average: 1.00, 1.20, 1.25

Work (Ubuntu 4):

roy@dp:~ $ uptime
 15:42:01 up 145 days,  7:32,  6 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Best wishes,


PS - my signature will indicate an uptime of 4 days. Mind you, the SAN was
replaced by a Linux server last Monday. After 2 years of sporadic downtimes,
I am finally seeing the light.

Roy S. Schestowitz      | Windows O/S: chmod a-x internet; kill -9 internet
http://Schestowitz.com  |    SuSE Linux     |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
  3:30pm  up 4 days 11:08,  12 users,  load average: 1.00, 0.45, 0.19
      http://iuron.com - help build a non-profit search engine

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