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Re: Click - - - Boom!

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Tuesday 07 March 2006 12:43 \__

> Ok, I was managing some files in my home directory and there were a few
> AVIs I had downloaded and didn't remember what they were ( they were 4
> demoes of the Novell Xgl graphics sytem).
> So I clicked on one and it launched into the Totem movie player.
> Then I clicked on another to try and launch another instance (just to see
> performance).  Well, after a few seconds, a new instance hadn't launched
> and I looked at the first instance, and noticed the title bar had changed.
> Hmmm.   I clicked another avi (there were four) and it appeared in the
> Totem
> movie player.  The thing was -- the new avi appeared almost /instantly/!
> I mean, I've never seen a computer load a video file *that* *fast*.
> So, I tried something larger -- I had a few "My Name Is Earl" episodes and
> they are a half hour in lenght.   I clicked on some of those, and they
> loaded instantly!
> Gee -- in XP when you click on a video stream, you might as well go wash
> the
> car while your waiting for it to load.   Here, it's click, boom!  (Novell
> Suse 10 GM distro, AMD2400 2Ghz, 512K RAM).

Probably due to handling of the file. Buffering can make your system more
responsive in the longer run. It's a different approach, I would assume...
unless the slowness in XP is attributed to Media Player calling 'home' to
send a report, much like Real Player.

Best wishes,


PS - I dislike Totem. Sorry.

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