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Re: other criteria than PR and kw density ?

__/ [ Mommens Francois-Louis ] on Tuesday 07 March 2006 14:33 \__

> I'm trying to understand why my competitors' sites are better ranked than
> mine on Google.
> I have pages that are optimized each for one keyword. My pages have a
> higher PR and a better kw density than most of my competitors' pages but
> for some reason it's far away behind in SERPS. The keyword is in the meta
> tags keywords and description, the title, the tag h1, alt, links...
> Other things I did : the domain is registered for several years and my
> pages are html 4.01 strict compliant apart from a target="_blank" on the
> ad.
> So, what other criteria is google taking into account ? How to improve my
> ranking if PR and kw are already good ?
> Thanks,

I suggest that, as a first step, you enlist the pages/sites of your
competition, let us say url1, url2, urli... urlN (including some selected
number of deeper pages, not only front page). Then, try the following
search(es) in Yahoo or Google (among other search engines that support this


Find out where the link to your competition is located in the target pages
and see which words or phrases are contained in that link's description or
body. This is known as anchor text and can bear a significant factor in
placement for a particular word or phrase. Keyword density and ranks are, as
you suggested, equally important factors, but they can be more easily
manipulated as they require no equivalent of peer review and authorisation
from the outside.

Hope it helps,


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