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Re: How do they do it? (details of site in google)

__/ [ Ignoramus27983 ] on Friday 10 March 2006 03:48 \__

> I typed "slackware" in google search box. In the results, there were
> many extra entries for slackware.org site, like this:
> The Slackware Linux Project
> The original Linux distribution, geared towards power and
> stability. FAQ, support, news, mailing lists, downloads, and links.
> www.slackware.com/ - 15k - Cached - Similar pages
> Get Slack - SLP testing zone
> Installation Help - Frequently Asked Questions
> More results from www.slackware.com »
> how do they do it? I would like to do the same -- to have a few extra
> things next to my domain in google searches.
> i

Try 'debian'. I suspect that Google are hand-tweaking these (they use
Debian/Ubuntu in-house). They assume that the surfer wishes to download the
distribution or get some information about it, so the facet changes.

I would assume these are exceptions since, much like you, I have never come
across that before. Think of it as a 'special case', as in searches for
stock symbols which bring up charts, quotes,and zeitgeist.

Best wishes,


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