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Re: Working with all three platforms ...

__/ [ Ray Ingles ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 20:30 \__

> On 2006-03-09, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Finally,  it appears as though you have not explored Linux in depth for  a
>> few  years. I urge you to do so. Everything is plug-and-play. This  wasn't
>> the case a couple of years ago.
>  Installing on a Dell L700cx, just this week, for my cousin.
>  Win98SE: Install OS, then load up network card driver, then I'm able to
> download the motherboard chipset driver, the video driver, and the sound
> driver. Install a bunch of apps (Firefox, Thunderbird, CD burner, media
> players, etc.) to make the thing moderately useful.
>  Ubuntu: Install OS, all hardware found and configured automatically.
> All the basic apps installed and ready.

Ubuntu is boring as everything works with zero intervention (e.g. external
hard-drives, scanners, network etc.). No need for drivers either. Plug, then
play. Just to think Linux used to be a platform for hackers and sysadmins.
Where has all the fun gone?

Best wishes,


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