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Re: Vista to be Released January 2007 (At the Earliest)

__/ [ Sinister Midget ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 11:27 \__

> On 2006-03-22, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted
> something concerning:
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4831374.stm
>> Implications:
>>    [1] More time earned to move people to Linux
>>    [2] Compelling implication that Windows Vista is disastrous at its core
>>    [3] Disappointment of the market, which relied on an 'upgrade'
>>        later this year (hardware-, software-wise)
>>    [4] ...
> I just read not long ago the assertion, seemingly backed by the M$
> Hoodlums(tm), that it was certain Fisted would be out before Christmas.
> The claim was that it would be done to make users/buyers/marks/sheep
> happy. Of course, that's always the claim. Being just before the major
> shopping season always demonstrates the lie in that.

Actually, Microsoft are doing the users/buyers/marks/sheep a favour. Last
Christmas they left everyone with an unpatched WMF vulnerability. It wasn't
even fixed/worked on for a fornight. How's that for a holiday's gift?
Windows puts the "Satan" in the Santa's twisted name.

> It would be a great time for some enterprising OEM to start making big
> deals about linux. I doubt they could push sales to the same levels
> that a new Windross might do, but they could easily push sales to a
> higher level than no new Winders is going to get them.

QT4, as well as KDE 4 will be out in Q3 this year. In parallel, programs like
SongBird, as well as Novell's SLES with XGL (out in summertime) will hit the
stores. The shops will have two options as to what should go on display for
Christmas (Apple Store aside):

* Windows XP (AKA la-la land) with two service pack on top and plenty of
protective software that cripples an already-broken O/S (with bugs that are
due to re-surface)

* One of the many Linux distributions, which are not only better-looking, but
are also easier to update, more reliable, versatile, *and* less expensive.

Any shopkeeper that will continue to have Windows XP in the front window
around November-December 2006 must have had his head up his arse for the
past few years. Maybe Windows inherited its name from the ability to
dominate the window at the shops. Not anymore.

> I could imagine a good situation coming out of this.
> A company, say Dell, starts making a big linux push. Some people buy
> them, knowing what they're getting. Some more buy them out of
> curiosity. The machines get used, sometimes in front of people who
> haven't built an interest so far. They see it in action and realize it
> isn't such a foreign notion. Plus they realize that Dell (or whomever)
> is behind it, so it can't be such a bad idea. More people buy, showing
> it to more people, some of whom buy machines themselves. MICROS~1
> notices and gets (more) scared (than they already are). They try to
> stanch the bloodletting by releasing Fisted before the holiday. But
> Fisted, as uninnovative and unoriginal as it's heading toward being, is
> even buggier and more unstable than normal. Sheeple who have been
> waiting a significant portion of their lives to be rescued from eX-Pee
> rush out to buy it. Big Christmas boom for the monopoly, right? Yeah,
> but word spreads fast about it being more worthless than ME. So linux
> results in being even _more_ attractive to some of the people who are
> burnt yet again. This leads to more people seeing linux, more people
> buying machines, other OEMs jumping out there (if they haven't already)
> to sell machines with it on them, MICROS~1 getting more panicky and
> releasing crappier crapware, chasing more people away, etc.
> I know. I'm dreaming. No OEM has the balls to take the initiative like
> that. Risk is out the window because it doesn't make shareholders happy
> over the next 15 minutes. Not only that, but they'd barely have enough
> time for the meetings they'd need to have to discuss the meetings they
> require to plan the meetings necessary to get it all started.

Don't forget that shareholders typically use Windows. To them, Linux remains
an unknown. This will gradually change however. Break the stereotypes.

Best wishes,


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