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Re: SEO Mistakes: Hosted doorway pages

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 

>> <snip>
>> We had a little dialogue about it, that's why I posted the message here.
>> It's a good thing that Google techies are paying attention to the little
>> guys. I think the more people that start to step-up to the plate to keep
>> the reality of the spam situation on their mind, the better the SERPs 
>> will
>> be and the fairer the SEO game will be played.
> Hey, Fred, what's the difference between Matt Cutts and God?
> ...
> ***
> God doesn't pretend to be Matt Cutts.

That's great man! I am a bit of a spiritual person and I wonder sometimes 
who really has more power ( just kidding Lord ).

I have a lot of respect for Matt though, as he seems to be the only guy I 
have found who cares to share with us the ins and outs of daily happenings 
at Google. I think that he lays it on line for us sometimes and that must 
take a degree of courage. I have read quite a bit about him lately and he 
seems to be a "real" person who cares deeply about Google and is passionate 
about the integrity of the Google SERPs.

I read his blog everyday, it's one of the first things I do in the morning 
now. I am not shy to comment once in a while and I am certainly pleased that 
he addressed me specifically on this issue. But the bottom line for me today 
is that the SERPs are excessively cluttered with useless content. The 
average Joe surfer gets fed sites that don't merit being at the top and has 
no idea how the results are determined. He clicks through and falls for the 
sales pitch, thinking that it must be the best site for his search. Why 
can't the best sites for a keyphrase search appear at the top of the SERPs 
and not the most artificially inflated ones. If a web site is good and 
satisfies a search criteria perfectly then it should be made available. MSN 
and Yahoo seem to do this fairly well, not perfectly as they can also be 
manipulated but certainly not as flagrantly abused as Google is.

I'm just a little Canadian guy with a couple of hard working clients whose 
web sites are competing in the global market against these out-of-control 
monsters that offer the visitor little unique content. I never reported spam 
before but now when I have a keyphrase competitors who is taking one of my 
web sites place and I analyze it and find that they have manipulated the 
search engines, the spam reports fly off my fingers. It is my sincere hope 
that others do the same.

In best regards, Fred

( this is a good place to flame me too )
( ethical SEO issues, basic techniques and SEO resources ) 

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