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Re: Venezuela's President Promotes Free Open Source Software

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Saturday 25 March 2006 18:39 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> | President Hugo Chavez has long been critical of big transnational
>> | companies, and now his government is promoting free open-source
>> | software as an alternative to market-dominatingMicrosoft
> Hugo Chavez is operating like any good CEO of a conservative  multinational
> should -- by reducing costs!
> The question is why aren't the Liberals running GE and ALCOA doing the
> same ?!

GE are using Open Source and contributing parts of their work back, as far as
I can tell. I am using an extensive computer vision library called VXL and
maybe of the /contribs are from GE and other industrial partners. Most are
academic institutes though. Google do the same thing as they committing
changes to Apache, among many other projects they are using. They only talk
about it in the mailing list. If you follow commit digest, you will see it;
but it's not for mainstream media to have interest in. If it was, this would
be perceived as PR (no, not Google PageRank) attempts, rather than OSS

Be aware that Open Source involvement is not something that the big name flap
their wings about.

Best wishes,

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