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Re: Apology to all for my Netiquette "Sorry"

"Carol W" <from_you@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 


There are many reasons why I jump at the opportunity to try to cut-off a non 
search engine related cross-posting. It's my choice when I do this and I 
have been flamed in the past for doing this and I accept that as a 

One of the reasons is that I have accidentally responded to cross-postings 
in the past, and I am trying to save someone else the embarassement, 
particularly the women that frequent here.

> To share his sig file in mirrored copies of this thread, too, no doubt

If I was afraid of being confronted about a comment that I contributed here 
or if I was afraid for you to know who I am, how I think and what I do, then 
I would hide my signature.

Sig files are acceptable and standard Usenet etiquette and IMO should be a 
requirement for contributing.

I like seeing people's signatures. I learn a great deal about others this 
way. They can serve to give substance to contributors. They can also give a 
semblance of credibilty. It's easy to post or respond to a post in "hiding", 
not giving a real name or leaving any tracks; it's another altogether 
different person that has enough confidence in their words to be confronted 
on their opinions.

Have you much experience in other Usenet groups?

> Whatever - I still find it lame and find it amazing that this kind of
> "service" is suddenly needed in this NG after all these months - as
> this isn't the first time this person has responded to a post, just
> within the past month or so, just to share nothing more than 'cross
> posting removed'. It is not helpful if people do not respond to Fred's
> post to comment about the orginal post's contents. *shrug*

> I don't mind if he removed cross-posting if he replied to share more
> info -  as some people do. But _just_ to respond to repeat all the
> spiel/spam (albeit he did edit the URL - but nothing else} to just add
> "cross posting removed"? Crossposting may be abused, no argument
> there, but crossposting can be helpful in sharing information between
> folks too.

If my history serves me correct, I posted my first message here in 1998. I 
have been a contributor to this Usenet group, off and on, since. Of course 
you may be a little mislead due to me regularly changing email addresses and 
usernames. My participatation here is usually in spurts of three or four 
months, especially in the winter time. I come here to update on SEO and to 
share my opinion on search engines and search engine related issues : this 
is part of how I train and how I grow.

> Sorry, you may find these kind of posts being helpful and informative
> - I don't.

... and that's beauty of it. This is a great place to disagree and share an 

This is an unmoderated Usenet group whereas it isn't possible to eliminate 
OPs that are obvious spam or intented to make agendas known that have little 
value or significance to the topic of search engines.

Many Usenet groups who were once valuable, thriving and resourceful 
communties have fallen prey to neglect. There is no leadership here that can 
moderate things for us. How much time do you think it owuld take for this 
Usenet group to destruct if the dozen or two regulars contributors here 
decided to all vacate at the same time? Sure, replacements would eventually 
appear, but of what sort?

Usenet groups are increasingly under attack by various factions who are 
determined to undermine a Usenet group's capability of providing valuable 
insight into specific issues, in our case, search engines. This particular 
Usenet group has been through it's share of highjackers over the years and 
at on several occasions was pretty well finished. Due to the regrouping of 
caring professionals and the insurgence of new highly competent 
participants, who all regularly commit themselves to helping others, this 
group is back from the dead. I find the crew that are here now very 
dedicated to ongoing training in SEO, helping others understand complicated 
processes and are extremely professional in the manner in which 
controversial issues are discussed. Even the most delicate subjects are 
handled with tact and respect. Well, that's not always the case.

In best regards, Fred

( this is a good place to flame me too )
( ethical SEO issues, basic techniques and SEO resources ) 

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