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Re: (OT) Netcraft Site Ranks Gone Mad?

__/ [ Mark Goodge ] on Sunday 26 March 2006 14:20 \__

> On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 13:17:05 +0100, Roy Schestowitz put finger to
> keyboard and typed:
>>Are you using the Netcraft toolbar? If not, this is probably irrelevant to
>>you. I apologise to have posted this, but no other forum seems suitable and
>>a Web search proved unfruitful.
>>Has anyone else noticed significant and extremely strange changes in
>>Netcraft site ranks over the past few days? I have just checked Netcraft's
>>'top list', which seems to indicate that something has gone wrong...
>>1       http://www. realityrox.com      December 2000   Black Oak Computers
>>    Go      US
>>2       https:// chandiespanties.com    unknown XILO (UK) Ltd - XILO.NET -
>>/22  Go      UK
>>3       http://www. wellknow.be unknown Hot Spot Broadband      Go      US
>>4       http://www. talkstock.com       August 1998     Rockynet
>>The toolbar confirms that these are *supposedly* ranked most highly for
>>traffic. Could it be that Netcraft experience a serious bug?
> I don't think it's a bug, as such. I suspect that someone has realised
> that artificially inflating the Netcraft rankings will improve their
> page rank - a bit like Referer spam. This is obviously something that
> Netcraft will have to address, but I think the problem is more in
> their checking systems than the security of the toolbar. Alexa had
> similar problems when their site ranking toolbar was first available,
> but they seem to have developed suitable algorithms to exclude
> artificial traffic.
> Mark

This seems to have been perfectly fine just a few weeks ago. Sites like Yahoo
and Google were well positioned.

Oh, hold on! UPDATE: now that I try to find some examples, it seems apparent
that Netscraft have resolved the issue (after about 2-3 days). I checked
their news section earlier and there was no word about a problem.

In general, the extent of the disrepancy was significant. Sites that were
typically around the 10,000 poisition dropped to 5+ million. I was basing
this assessment on many completely separate sites.

Apologies again, about this off-topic discussion.


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