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Re: Denmark joins France in Apple/DRM-Bashing

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
__/ [ Rick ] on Tuesday 28 March 2006 12:15 \__

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 07:01:21 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [ Tim Smith ] on Tuesday 28 March 2006 05:40 \__

In article <e093im$5r2$2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The controversy in France is partly over the fact that music gets
locked without the customer's awareness (DRM). Try to move your music
from an iPod to another vendor...

(1) Put the music you want to move into a playlist.

Which playlist?

Whichever playlist you want.

My point was that it would remain an application-specific playlist.

I didn't realize you could use the same playlist in different apps. Is an Amarok playlist playable in XMMS?

[rhetorical] What if I run Linux?

<sarcasm> Get the Linux version </sarcasm>

I wonder if you can burn from iTunes under VMware...

These things are far from trivial, especially for regular home users, whom
the article alludes to. Some of them might be using one of the
simplest-to-use operating systems: Ubuntu. I say this with full faith.

Ok.. I wonder if you can burn CDs from iTunes under Crossover.

(2) Invoke the command to burn the playlist to a CD.

This burns a Red Book standard audio CD.  You can now deal with that CD
just like you would deal with any other standard CD.

[hypothetical] I still depend on closed-source software to achieve this. I
still need a 'key' to opening my own, personal, paid-for music. That key
is not mine.

True, but it is possible to remove the lock/key combo.

It still requires some knowledge, which the average user lacks and does not wish to acquire and familiarise him/herself with. I have seen postgraduate students to whom {CD burning}={Windows Media player drag-and-drop}, so trust me, it will be daunting to some.

If drag and drop is daunting enough to keep someone from burning CDs, that person should be using a computer.

>>>Take Palm for example.

What does Palm have to do with DLed music DRM?

Data lockins analogy.

I'm still not sure music DLed from the Apple Music Store via iTunes causes data lock-in. You can certainly burn to a CD from windows and OS X. There just isn't a Linux native iTunes app.

While it is said to be possible to export the data,
it requires Palm Desktop. I don't have a Windows box or a Mac box around,
so what gives? My data is locked unless I get some opaque binaries that
run on pricey operating systems. Else, my data locks me to the vendor. I
would love to dance over to other platforms painlessly, along with my

I use jpilot.

JPilot is fine, but here is another idea/rant (to compelement the one posted
to Tim):

Hypothetically (as I have no intention of making this happen), if Palm data
was stored as XML files, then one could write XSL to make it viewable as a
Web page and then copy the data during synchronisation to ~/public_html.
This would achieve what some commerical software already does, namely put
calendars on-line for others to watch (again, no intention of doing so). At
present, we are presented with an opaque file that combines binary with
ASCII. I happened to write about this before.


Maybe some of this Palm data compatibility will be alleviated when Palm moves to Linux based PDAs.


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