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Re: 10-headed Linux Setup Saves Libraries

__/ [ ray ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 17:09 \__

>>>> We're due to have one of their four head systems installed at the
>>>> Portneuf District Library in Idaho. This follows on the successful
>>>> deployment of Mandrake Linux on the public access internet computers
>>>> last year - a VERY successful deployment, I might add. No complaints in
>>>> over a year, and a recent customer satisfaction survey showed universal
>>>> acceptance and revealed that several patrons were unaware they were not
>>>> running MS.
>>>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>>> Is this /truly/ the test for success? It leaves me with a bad taste in
>>> the mouth.
>> I can't say I'm all that happy about it myself, and there
>> are rather sinister implications if Microsoft wants to
>> exhume a certain look-and-feel suit (which ultimately got
>> rejected -- but that was then; this is now, although stare
>> decisis might give us some protection).
> The point is not that it's the same - because it isn't. The point is that
> it's not difficult to make the change. I've maintained for years now that
> Linux is no more difficult to use than MS (once it's been properly
> installed and setup) - it's just a little different.

While on the issue, let's also put the gear of the car under the driver's
foot and let him/her steer the car with a straw. After all, Ford has already
done it one way; why imitate? Certain interactions are natural and are
intended to be as-are. Attempting to _patent_ them -- now *that's* the joke!

Useless fact of the day department: Microsoft have a patent for double-click.

Best wishes,


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